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The Evolution of Stunts & Canning Conveyor

1st February 2017

Canning Conveyor have developed a reputation as a leader and innovator in the design, manufacture, installation and operation of conveyor and moving platform solutions for the Film & TV industry. Their inclusion in 'The Evolution of Stunts' is no exception. Canning's recent work in the creation The Evolution of Stunts demonstrates how we work with our clients from start to finish to get incredible results. The Evolution of Stunts is a collaboration between Honda and Channel 4 Television. The production celebrates the history or film stunts. A London based film production company, Little Dot Studios were commissioned to create the Evolution of Stunts film. This is where Canning Conveyor came into the frame. Andrew Canning, Managing Director of Canning Conveyor explained "we were contacted initially by Hal Arnold, Producer for Little Dot Studios, with a view to using our patented Tumbleator for The Evolution of Stunts for Honda and Channel 4. The Tumbleator was the perfect solution, given it's unique design, specifically intended for acrobatic and stunt scenes. When we found out that Hollywood stunt man Damien Walters was involved we were even more interested having been keen followers of his work on Assassin's Creed and other movies."

Our Dedicated Film & TV Testing Facility

Canning's Film, TV and Entertainment Division now has a dedicated testing facility based in Nottinghamshire. The factory provides the floor space and the headroom to allow extensive pre-testing of our range of conveyor equipment. It allows film and TV companies to test and approve production ideas and concepts and see what the equipment can do in real time. This facility has proven popular for TV production companies wanting to experiment with ideas whilst saving significantly on many of the associated up-front costs. Many household names such as Cirque Du Soleil and the Sky One Gameshow 'A League of Their Own' have made full use of the facility and found it extremely beneficial in testing and fine tuning ideas.

The Evolution of Stunts - The Process

Hal Arnold, Damien Walters and the rest of the production team at Little Dot Studios spent a few days with us testing and refining their impressive stunt routines which were to be incorporated in the final Evolution of Stunts production. Using the Tumbleator as a moving platform they recreated many well-known scenes from movies like '300', Kill Bill, The Matrix and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Gary Smith, Canning Chief Operator said "We love working on productions like this. They test us and push the Tumbleator and our design expertise to their limits with some incredible results. Our experience and collaborative approach with Little Dot Studios helped Hal and the Team get the most from the apparatus. We love the end results.! After further testing and production final film combined the use of the Tumbleator with hi-tech data mapping projection. Stunts included fight scenes, a motorbike chase sequence, hanging off a tall building and being dragged by a rope attached to the underneath of a truck simulation and Damien Walters being set on fire! If you've not seen the final results take a look at our videos featured on this page. For more information about how we can add some Pizzazz into your next Film, TV or Theatre production contact