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Rockline® belt cleaners eliminate problems at a waste recycling plant

23rd November 2006

Flexco has recently solved a big problem at a London waste recycling plant where waste conveyors had constantly experienced considerable material carry back. The existence of carry back had created problems for the company as this caused considerable mess in the buildings which required regular clean-up maintenance. To make matters worse clean up was also difficult due to the tight space around the conveyors, and caused the plant to be shut down on a regular basis. A range of cleaning products had been previously tried, with very little success.

Flexco™s objective was therefore to reduce fugitive carry back material, and labour time associated with clean up. Operating at 1.3m/sec the plant conveyors carry a range of materials containing granite crushed to 200mm, industrial refuse, metal, aluminium, glass, and plastic at 25 tonnes/hour.

To eliminate the problem Flexco installed a Rockline® EZP1 Primary belt cleaner to the head pulley. The faceted profile of the ConShear™ blade sets it apart from ordinary solid blades as conventional blades lose their cleaning edge and become dull and bullnosed. The advantage of the ConShear™ blade is it renews its edge as it wears. The blade forms a new shearing edge once wear reaches each new faceted blade section, resulting in continuous cleaning efficiency throughout the life of the blade.The cleaner was also fitted with a self adjusting mechanism to ensure constant blade contact with the belt.

With Rockline® cleaners fitted to the head pulleys, material carry back was reduced considerably around the conveyors.This has allowed the plant to run more efficiently, take a pro active approach to maintenance shut downs, and has reduced the capacity for accidents associated with waste material lying under conveyors.

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