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More Canning SuperDrive™ retro-units for the Quarrying Industry

23rd May 2008

Canning Conveyor has had more success in marketing the new SuperDrive™ motorised pulley to the quarry industry. Launched at their open week in September 2005 the SuperDrive™ has taken the market by storm with increasing installations throughout the industry.

The Canning SuperDrive™ is designed to power conveyors within a variety of industries. The SuperDrive™ has introduced an efficient alternative to the old conventional field conveyor design. It offers many advantages such as low noise, improved safety and compactness.

Noise pollution is high on the agenda in today's modern plant and outdoor environments and as the SuperDrive™s motor, gearbox and bearings are totally enclosed and hermetically sealed inside a steel shell this reduces operational noise down to a whisper. This enclosed shell has other benefits as it is extremely unlikely to fail due to any ingress of harmful environmental materials such as water, dust grit, chemicals and oil; additionally it will not contaminate any conveyed materials.

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