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Kinegar Quarry increases production with a little help from Canning Conveyor

12th January 2009

Kinegar Quarries Ltd supplies bulk and bagged aggregates and is located on the east coast of the Scottish Borders supplying materials from Northumberland to Edinburgh and the Lothian's, and also throughout the Scottish Borders.

Recently they have upgraded their operations at their Glenfin hard rock quarry and installed a new cantilevered stockpile conveyor for their face operation.

Extracting material from the quarry benches and transporting to the process plant was originally performed by tipper trucks the new conveyor working in tandem with a Powerscreen Chieftain has considerably improved the production process.

Supplied by Canning Conveyor of Worksop, a new 900mm wide x 45m long troughed belt radial stockpile conveyor has been installed. Designed to accept 500 tph of -200mm aggregate from the discharge conveyor of the Powerscreen Chieftain the conveyor transports material horizontally for 20 metres to the edge of the cliff before cantilevering out for a further 25 metres and discharging to a conical stockpile below.

The conveyor is constructed with heavy duty lattice frame construction and is designed with a pivot point at the tail end and a powered slewing bogie 20 metres from the pivot. A fabricated trestle fitted to the wheel bogie extends up past the lattice frame with raker supports from the top of the trestle down to the gantry to support the cantilever.

The conveyor is driven by a 500mm diameter, 15kw ceramic lagged Canning SuperDrive™ motorized drive drum and is also fitted with a 400mm diameter Rulmeca non drive drum.

The feed hopper was fabricated from 6mm mild steel complete with 20mm thick Linatex Linard lining on all sloping impact surfaces, a slewing drive is driven by a 3.0kW low speed high torque geared motor via chain and sprockets to one of the wheel shafts, fitted with two wheels these run on a radiused concrete beam.

Designed, detailed and manufactured by Canning Conveyor the installation has been a total success.

Arnold Findlay, Director, commented, "To resolve possible safety issues this installation has eliminated any possible risk of operators and maintenance personnel having to work over a 40 metre face. The new conveyor can be radialled in, ensuring that all necessary maintenance can be carried out at ground level. This is the first phase of our continuing upgrade for the production of high PSV stone at Glenfin Quarry and Canning have produced a working solution that will stand the test of time."

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