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New dump hopper feeder for Bromfield Sand & Gravel

24th February 2009

A new dump hopper feeder has been installed by Canning Conveyor at Bromfield Sand and Gravel near Ludlow in Shropshire.

The new dump hopper feeder designed and manufactured by Canning is designed to accept up to 30 tonnes of -150mm of sand and gravel from reversing dump trucks. Fully fabricated from 8mm thick mild steel plate the hopper is suitably stiffened with RSA/PFC sections and is fully lined with 10mm thick low friction perplas.

With an inlet of 4 metres wide x 3 metres in length the hopper is fitted with a hinged sloping product grid to accept the 'as-dug' sand and gravel whilst removing the oversize.

Material discharging from the hopper outlet feeds onto a 900mm wide x 5 metres long troughed belt feeder which has been designed to discharge onto the loading point of the new field conveyor loading section at a rate of 150 tph. The impact area of this feeder is fitted with close pitched rubber covered impact idlers.

The feeder is driven by a 15kW drive unit and features a multi-blade scraper at discharge; V-type return belt plough and emergency stop pull wire system all around.

Canning Conveyor also designed and manufactured a support structure fitted on two sides with heavy duty reinforced plates to accept the load of the back fill materials on one side, and the oversize from the product grid on the other. The top of the hopper was also fitted on two sides with stiffened flare plates 1.5 metres high removing any chance of spillage from dumper discharge.

The installation of the new dump hopper feeder has been a success.

Wayne Clent - Quarry Manager, commented, "During commissioning Canning Conveyor where quick to respond to additional improvements to the field hopper. Two vibrators were fitted to the dump grid which prevented build-up of material, and the side skirting in the feed conveyor was modified to cope with the challenging 'as-dug' material. Canning Conveyor stood by their product until optimum production was reached, and all equipment was operating effectively."

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