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Brett Aggregates go into SuperDrive at Lydd Quarry

22nd August 2006

Brett Aggregates have ordered five units of the newly launched SuperDrive™ for retro-fits on existing ground and stockpile conveyors at their Lydd Quarry operation.

The order covers four 37kW and one 22kW SuperDrive™ motorized drums with the first one already fitted into an existing 750 mm x 300 metre long conventional jib head ground conveyor. Currently handling 200/250 tph of aggregates the new SuperDrive™ unit will increase production up to 250/300 tph and importantly use less power.

Joe Munds - site foreman, commented, We stripped out the old conventional drive/motor/wormbox/drum on Friday afternoon and fitted the new SuperDrive™ 37kW drum on Saturday - it was fitted by lunch time on Saturday and took just over 3 hours, with just some minor alterations to existing guards.We used the same drum hole fittings of the existing conventional drum and it went straight in with no trouble.A very tidy looking completed job!"

"We have been totally justified in the upgrade to the SuperDrive™ units, they are much more environmentally friendly, more compact, taking up less room and require less guarding."

Two further 37Kw SuperDrive™ units will be used to retro-fit one conventional double drum jib head drive, 750mm x 700m, currently handling 200/250 tph of aggregates, the new unit will also provide a production increase up to 250/300 tph.

The remaining two SuperDrive™ units will be used to retro-fitting a single jib head unit and replace an existing conventional motor/wormbox drive at the head of a stockpile conveyor.

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