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ALLIGATOR® Staple Fastening System

How Alligator® Ready Set™ Staple Fasteners work

Designed for light and medium duty synthetic carcass belting, the Alligator® Staple fastener utilizes high tensile, stainless steel staple attachment, in conjuction with an extended plate design.

This design separates the point of fastener penetration from the line of belt flexing to eliminate splice fatigue at the point of belt attachment.

Staple fasteners are furnished in strips with a bridge between each fastener plate. This strip design minimizes the chance of individual parts dislodging into the conveyed product.

The one piece design provides a stronger splice, greater resistance to impact damage, and a smoother, unrippled joint that simplifies hinge pin insertion.

Staples are hammer driven through the fastener and belt, working between the carcass fibers without severing them. The staples are then clinched cross-wise to the belt, so that belt tension does not pull against the staples to unclinch them.


• Package and Parts Handling
• Cased Goods
• Food
• Wood
• Agricultural Products

Installation method:

A portable, lightweight application tool is easily carried to the job for on-site installation. The tool holds belt and fastener while staples are set with a hammer and a staple driver.

What you need for installation:

• Fasteners
• Hinge Pin
• Installation Tool
• Staple Driver
• 1 lb. Hammer

How to specify the correct Alligator® staple fastener

1. Determine belt tension (kN/m).
2. Measure your belt thickness.
3. Measure the Diameter of the smallest pulley in your drive with belt wrap more than 90°.


Hinge Pin Selection:

  • NC Nylon Covered Steel Cable -for use with steel fasteners, flat or troughed belts.
  • NCS Nylon Covered Stainless Steel Cable - for applications with stainless fasteners, flat or troughed belts.
  • SP Steel Spring Wire - for use with steel fasteners in abrasive or gritty material applications, flat belts only.
  • SS Stainless Steel Spring Wire - for use with stainless fasteners, flat belts only.