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Canning idlers are manufactured to the highest quality standards in the UK to ensure accuracy of finish & long life.
Deep draw housings & tube to BS6323 part 1 come together on auto-concentric, double-ended welding machines to give good balance & trueness which in turn permits high speed without excessive vibration.
Zing plated end caps cover a multi-labyrinth sealing arrangements which protects the precision bearing, and to ensure permanent lubrication a rear seal is fitted encapsulating the grease within the bearing area. This arrangement blocks ingress of materials and affords good protection from condensation.
Canning supply idlers to any specification including ISO, BS, NBC, CEMA, and DIN and variety of diameters & lengths. With our replacement idler service we can recognise and cater for all types & sizes on the market today. Shafts are machines for any fitment.
Transomes are manufactured from mild steel and jig welded for accuracy. All types of variable and fixed angle types are available in many belt widths; 2, 3, 4, & 5 roll sets can be manufactured to your dimensions.
Canning impact rollers consist of a base steel roller on to which are fitted our own design of stock absorbing rubber impact discs and are used in areas around transfer points where shock loads need to be absorbed giving the belt and the material carried some protection from damage or degradation.
We also supply gravity rollers, made from mild steel, stainless steel or PVC and also can supply the conveyor frames to suit light duty applications, such as distributor depots, supermarkets & food industry or heavy duty applications, such as tracks and rollers for pallet handling systems and car & foundry industries.
If you requirements are not listed, please contact us to discuss your requirements.