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Polymer Idler Sets & Returns

Characteristics of High Density Polymer

  • High quality:  The roller shell is manufactured from HDP (High Density Polymer) with impact resistant, acid resistant, anti-corrosion, anti-alkali in chemical character.  The roller is assembled well with double cap bearings, in compliance with ISO standards.
  • Heavy rigid and high impact performance:  Different from the steel roller, Cannings synthetic roller has good impact and instauration.  Strengthened frame offers the synthetic roller the same rigidity as a steel roller.
  • Excellent waterproof and anti-dust: Cannings synthetic roller provides triple bearing protection.  Seal rings prevent water and dust from entering into the inside of the roller.  Special catchment groove utilising centrifugal force keeps the inside of the roller dry in all weather conditions.  The patented triple labyrinth seals offer a 45% higher efficiency of preventing water and  dust than traditional labyrinths.
  • Higher efficiency:  Ejection body, homogeneous mass, good roundness minimum rolling factor, durable for high speed operation, power saving, noise free.
  • Light weight:  Cannings synthetic roller is 55% lighter than traditional steel roller, suitable for small drive, head pulley and tail pulley, it can save ¼ cost for power and equipment cost.
  • Low maintenance cost:  Long service life (guarantee for two years under normal operation), no lubrication oil needed, easy replacement, reduce maintenance labour and time to the minimum.
  • Specification:- Tube - 102mm diameter x 8mm wall thickness
        127mm diameter x 8mm wall thickness
        Shaft – Bright drawn mild steel

Stock sizes for polymer idlers are 500mm 600 750 800 + 900mm (for polymer idler set)



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