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SuperDrive Installations

A brief list of UK retro-fit SuperDrive™ installations includes:

Lafarge - Mountsorrel
For many years Lafarge's Mountsorrel Quarry has utilized Rulmeca motorized pulleys in critical areas where high throughputs and total availability are required.

• Quantity: 5
• Diameters: 400-800
• kW: 11 to 37
• Comments: Up to 14 years old, including dual drives
Lafarge have been so pleased with the performance of this system over the years that a sister conveyor running alongside has now also been converted to motorized pulleys.

• Quantity: 15
• Diameters: 630-800
• kW: 11 to 110
• Comments: Early 2006 fitment including 220kW dual drive

UK Coal - Kellingley

At UK Coal's Kellingley Colliery a 295m long conveyor carrying 300 tonnes/h of coal at 2.0m/s is driven by an 800mm diameter, 75kW Rulmeca motorized pulley.
 •Quantity: 15

• Diameters: 400-800
• kW: 15 to 75
• Comments: Up to 3 years old - 20 hours per day

UK Coal - Maltby
Various sizes from 22kW to 55kW have been supplied as replacements to work in atrocious conditions where other drives have struggled to cope. Consistent high volumes of throughput and on-demand performance are essential on these critical conveyors. The Motorized Pulleys' superior IP67 sealing arrangement protects the bearings and internal parts against the unwanted ingress of coal slurry.

• Quantity: 6
• Diameters: 500-630
• kW: 22 to 55
• Comments: Including dual drives
UK Coal - Welbeck
Varying sizes of Motorized pulleys from 7.5kW to 75kW have been fitted as replacements for exposed drives within their conveyor systems. These have been for both feeder and general trough belt conveyors.

• Quantity: 2
• Diameters: 500-630
• kW: 22 to 37
CEMEX Marine
Rulmeca motorized pulleys are being used in some of the harshest and aggressive conditions in the bulk handling industry where conventional drive systems struggle to cope with the environment. One of the most severe is on board sea-going sand and gravel dredgers where the constant corrosive affects of the sea tales its toll.
Southco Shipping and Cemex Marine (formally ARC) have many sizes of Motorized Pulleys from 22kW up to 110kW working on board on various vessels day-in and day-out in all conditions. The most important factor is a 100% availability to ensure material is off-loaded on high tides within strict hourly timetables. Sea water wash-downs follow each unloading demonstrating the drives' excellent sealing capabilities.

• Quantity: 20-25
• Diameters: 500-800
• kW: 22 to 90
• Comments: Some up to 30 years old on dredgers
Bristol Docks
The large animal feed storage facilities at Portbury Dock in Bristol utilise Motorized Pullies for the intake and distribution conveyors working in dusty and humid environment within their storage areas. They have had the same 630mm diameter, 55kW motorized pulleys working consistently for nearly 20 years in these difficult conditions.

• Quantity: 4
• Diameters: 630
• kW: 55
• Comments: High duty animal feed
Lafarge - Whisby
Following the demonstration of the new Canning SuperDrive™ jib head unit at a Canning Conveyor open week, Lafarge placed an order for the jib head unit, a 9m loop take-up unit and the grading section.

• Quantity: 1
• Diameters: 630-800
• kW: 75
• Comments: Complete field conveyor including jib head unit, dual drive (2 x 37kW)
Hansons - Needingworth
This project consisted of the removal of an existing double drum drive with conventional motors and gearbox drive and then upgrading the Needingworth field conveyor extension by retrofitting the new SuperDrive™ system.

• Quantity: 1
• Diameters: 630
• kW: 110
• Comments: Retro upgraded conventional drive, dual drive (2 x 55kW)
Mansfield Standard Sand

 •Quantity: 1
 •Diameters: 320
 •kW: 7.5
 •Comments: Retrofit
Bretts - Lydd
Brett Aggregates ordered five SuperDrive™ units for retro-fits on existing ground and stockpile conveyors at their Lydd Quarry operation.

• Quantity: 4
• Diameters: 630
• kW: 11 to 22
• Comments: Replacement of conventional drives on existing jib head field conveyors
CEMEX - West Haughton
Complete replacement troughed lattice conveyor with supports supplied with walkway one side and belt cover.

• Quantity: 1
• Diameters: 630
• kW: 18.5
• Comments: Incorporated into supplied new lattice conveyor
Hansons - Pottal Pool
Canning supplied Hansons with a new 90 m troughed belt ground conveyor which is designed to accept up to 600 tph of sand and gravel and is fed by an existing hopper/belt feeder.

• Quantity: 1
• Diameters: 630
• kW: 37
• Comments: Complete field conveyor