Almeida Theatre show 'The Boy'

18th July 2016

Canning Conveyor have recently been heavily onvolved in the West End theatre production of 'The Boy' at the Almeida Theatre, London.

Canning supplied 'on hire' a fully operational airport carousel conveyor.

The system had several bends and different shapes specially designed for the show and to go around main pillars within the theatre.

The full specification included:

  • Total Length of Track was 31200mm, which included 8 off 90 degree and 2 off 45 degree bends and several straight sections.
  • Include all mechanical equipment.
  • Include and fitting some noise damping material down sides of main frame to assist it being very quiet.
  • The 7.5kW power unit was suitable to carry 20 people @100kg each and also 1000kg for furniture (total 3000kg load).
  • The power supply needed was a standard 3-phase, 380-415V, 50Hz.
  • It had a fixed belt speed of 20m/min or (0.33metres/sec) and included an inverter unit used to give a variable speed facility, from the fixed speed reducing to slower speeds as required and fitted with cables from invertor to drive motor and to power supply.
  • The Drive Section was fully assembled and built in one section prior to delivery.
  • Included 20mm thick black slats which messed into one another.
  • Include installation & maintenance manuals.
  • Delivery Schedule:  Delivery & Install Rehearsal Room, for 3 weeks rehearsals, then stripped and re-install in into The Almeida Theatre for the show from end of March till end of May 2016, for the show lasting over 8 weeks and was in operation every day and some matinees throughout the period. Canning de-rigged & removed from the theatre ready for the next show preparation work to take place.