Canning field conveyors and stockpiler successfully commissioned for UK Sand & Aggregates Plant

27th January 2021

Canning Conveyor successfully commissioned several field conveyors including a static stockpiler to enable full production achieving 300TPH of sand and aggregates within a UK quarry.

Canning included full design, supply, installation & commissioning of seven 750mm conveyors, which included a 230m long static stockpiling conveyor incorporating 186m of field conveyor leading directly onto Canning’s latest modular lattice conveyor system that elevates in height at 15 degrees incline before discharging to deposit a 13m high stockpile to ground. A single sided access walkway was included on the lattice section with a head platform to access to drive.

A further six standard Canning type Field Conveyors all with 750mm belts, 57m, 144m, 231m, 274m and 350m included jib heads, loop take-up, grading sections and heavy-duty tail end loading sections which incorporated impact idlers under the feed areas.

Jib head drive units ranging from 15kW to 45kW with SEW shaft mounted drives to ceramic lagged drive drums as standard to all conveyors. Primary polycarbonate self-adjusting belt scraper and secondary tungsten tipped belt scraper included.

Intermediate bays incorporated the Canning Polymer Suspended Idler Sets which have steel safety handles and polymer return rollers.

Curved corrugated plastisol coated steel belt covers with hinged inspection hatches were also included to all conveyors.

Emergency stop pull wires were fitted centrally down each conveyor with Cannoflex Conveyor Belts EP500/3 and were all site vulcanised onto the conveyors following installation.

The equipment has been successfully commissioned during recently and is fully operational with the client very happy with the overall look and performance of the conveyors achieving the designed 300TPH to full satisfaction.