Canning supply, install and commission 300tph sand and aggregate plant

15th July 2020

Canning Conveyor recently completed a project for full design, supply, installation & commissioning which included four 750mm conveyors, a 74m stockpiling conveyor and a remote mobile track mounted hopper feeder, all now fully operational at a UK Quarry.

Four standard Canning type field conveyors all with 750mm belts, 150m, 250m, 1100m and 320m long included jib heads, loop take-up, grading sections and heavy-duty tail end loading sections which incorporated impact idlers under the feed areas. Intermediate bays incorporated the Canning Polymer Suspended Idler Sets which have steel safety handles and polymer return rollers. Emergency stop pull wires were fitted centrally down each conveyor with Cannoflex Conveyor Belts EP500/3 which were all site vulcanised onto the conveyors following installation.

The 1100mm long field conveyor included a 90kw double drum drive as standard. A single roll belt weigher was fitted on the 320m long conveyor.

The Field Conveyors fed onto a 750mm x 74m long surge stockpile conveyor, incorporating a 43m long lattice frame section with walkway access both sides which was inclined 15 degrees to give a 20m high stockpile.

A primary polycarbonate self-adjusting belt scraper and secondary tungsten tipped belt scraper and curved corrugated plastisol coated steel belt covers with hinged inspection hatches were also included.

Canning designed a 15-tonne capacity mobile track mounted hopper feeder, to feed the material from remote dig locations onto the field conveyors. This unit included a hydraulically driven belt feeder and track with a fixed displacement hydraulic motor with motion control and brake release valves driven by a an on-board 90HP diesel engine drive.

A track group with 300mm triple bartrack shoes, lower rollers, front idler groups, sprockets and anti-track jump record and tensioner device were included within the specification. The 750mm belt feeder included 127mm diameter supported troughing idler sets, rubber covered impact type under loading area.


The equipment has been successfully commissioned and is fully operational with the client expressing their pleasure with the overall performance of the conveyors which are now handling the designed 300tph to full satisfaction. The client also gave feedback on the performance of the belt scrapers keeping the belts clean with a difficult material type.