LADbible x Canning Conveyor

13th November 2023

"When Kelvin Kiptum set a new marathon world record, we were curious to know how long the average Joe would be able to run at the same pace. We thought this was a good concept for a social video, however, we were concerned it wouldn't be visually engaging enough if it was just me running around a track with a timer or something. Then we came across the Tumbleator, and it went from being a decent idea to a brilliant idea. The fact you can set it to the correct pace created a striking visual demonstration of Kelvin's pace - and the fact we could go flying off it when we ran out of steam was a great pay off for the viewer! 

"After getting in touch with Andrew, I was delighted that he was more than happy to facilitate the video as quickly as possible and with a minimum of fuss. On the day, Gary was a perfect host. The set up was very professional (with the LADbible logo on screen a lovely touch) and he was brilliant on camera as he talked us through what the Tumbleator is and how it came to be. 

"Meanwhile, Luke was a willing participant (and much better Tumbleator runner) and played an important role in making the video the success it was. 

"I'm chuffed that together we were able to create an engaging, entertaining and enlightening video that has clearly struck a chord with millions of people across the globe."

Jake Massey

Senior Video Journalist