Rollin' In It series 1

6th January 2022

Our HUGE Conveyor is the main attraction in this fantastic TV Gameshow, now airing in Saudi Arabia

A British game show that has aired on ITV since 8 August 2020 and is hosted by Stephen Mulhern.

To date two series in the UK and a special Christmas edition in 2021

The format involves contestants rolling coins for big money prizes. Three players teams up with British celebrities.

Each pair answers a question, The contestant who answers the correct answer can decide to play or pass. To play they roll a coin down a moving conveyor belt towards slots worth varying sums of money.

If the coins make it in to these slots, they will bank the cash - but there is also a 'bankrupt' slot, meaning they could lose the money and their go, they must swap with another pair of contestants.

Throughout the game, the money values will increase, as will the penalties.

One final coin determines whether or not the contestant goes home 'rolling in it', winning a huge cash prize.

CANNING supplied a huge conveyor which was supplied with graphics for a new series in Saudi Arabia.