What the industry think!

22nd November 2006

Many quarry operations have now converted to polymer, at Woodhall Spa Sand and Gravel Quarry, operated by Aggregate Industries UK Ltd, existing steel rollers have been replaced by new polymer suspended sets and returns on an existing ground conveyor. Alan Smith, Works Manager commented "The polymer rollers are 10 times better than steel. The polymer rollers don't stick, they are lightweight and easy to fit and install - a one man job. Steel rollers took two men to fit. I would recommend them to anyone."

At Hoveringham Quarry, operated by Tarmac Central, Canning has supplied several batches of 600/650mm and 750mm wide polymer suspended and return sets.

Luke Brooks, Quarry Manager commented "The new polymer rollers are a big improvement on the original steel ones. Their lightweight construction and handles have reduced manual handling and trapped finger hazards. We have found them to be quieter and more durable than steel ones, excellent for locations where noise levels are an issue."

Over at Shepperton, operated by Brett Aggregates existing steel has been replaced on an existing ground conveyor. Canning supplied 500 - 30" polymer suspended sets and 130 - 30" returns.

Hanson Aggregates have also been getting in on the act; their West Knighton operation was one of the first to use polymer rollers. Markus Dredge, Quarry Manager commented "Wear rate is excellent in comparison to steel.We have not had a failure in over four years of use."

At Neddleworth Quarry another Hanson Aggregate operation, Scott Train, Quarry Manager commented "We originally purchased the polymer rollers due to the rising prices of steel rollers and as a result we have found them an excellent product - they are quieter and durable. A good investment for the future."