With the large investment into the side wall conveyor belting and accessories Canning are now able to offer the opportunity for all to benefit from the availability of this specialised cross stabilised belt, wall and cleating. This product is not only sold in component form, but is now available ready-built to order by Canning.

The new range includes:

XE250/2+1 cross stabilising ply,  4+2
XE250/2+2                “                    4+2
XE400/3+2                “                    5+2
XE400/3+2                “                    6+3
XE500/3+2                “                    5+2
XE630/4+2                “                    5+2

Sidewall 40/60/80/100/120mm
Cleating, T-TC with heights – 35/55/75/90/110mm