Canning offer a range of standard and special elevator belting.

Our STANDARD range includes:

SBR - Low stretch elevator belting - abrasion resistant

  • For abrasive materials without oil / fat
  • Maximum abrasion resistance
  • Excellent strength & bolt holding
  • Belt types: EP800/4 2+2, EP800/5 2+2

Heat & oil resistant elevator belting

  • Hot industrial products up to 150 degrees belt surface temperature
  • Used for hot environments
  • MOR covers
  • Products containing oil and fat


 Other ranges available include:

NBR - Low stretch elevator belting - oil resistant

  • For materials with oil & fat
  • Excellent strength & bolt holding
  • 100% nitrile rubber
  • Maximum oil resistance to animal & vegetable oils
  • Moisture resistant - no belt rot
  • Belt types: EP500/3, EP630/4, EP800/4, EP1000/5


FRASOR - Flame retardant, anti-static and oil resistant belt

  • Flame-retardant, anti-static, moderate oil resistant elevator belt
  • Ideal for installations with risk of fire & explosion
  • Suitable for cereals
  • Belt types: EP315, EP400, EP500, EP630, EP800, EP1000

T150 - High heat elevator belt

  • Hot industrial products
  • Used in cement, coal, dry chemicals and fly ash
  • Special 3+3 covers
  • Temperature resistant up to 150C
  • Belt type EP800/4

FDA - Hot oil and fire retardant elevator belt

  • Food applications
  • Products with oil & fat
  • Ideal for rice, flour, dry milk, salt, sugar, detergents
  • Resistant to acids & alkalizes in low concentration
  • Belt types: EP500, EP630, E800, EP1000

STEEL WEB -Steel web elevator belt

  • Tall high capacity elevators, hot industrial materials
  • Minimum stretch. 3+3 or 4+4 covers
  • Temperature resistant up to 130°C continuous

HOT OIL - Hot oil and fire retardant elevator belt

  • Hot, potentially flammable products
  • Products containing oil & fat
  • Ideal for cattle feed & products with high fat content
  • Belt type EP800/4