RIP STOP conveyor belt combines the convenience of a textile belt with the strength of steel, owing to its multiply structure equipped with a metal shield in the top cover.This belt is available from type EP630/3+1, 8+3 covers, in 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm width. 

**Other specifications are available**

RIP STOP conveyor belt consists of woven fabric plies (polyester warp/polyamide weft) with a rubber interface. This carcass is protected by an anti-shock metal shield consisting of steel cords incorporated in the top cover.The standard cover is a superior-quality anti-abrasive grade cover rubber.    

Product temperature < 80°C. It is also possible to manufacture these belts in grade X, Y or W as per DIN and ISO standard. For the other cover grades, please consult our technical departments.    
Areas of application    

RIP STOP conveyor belt enables increased belt service life    
under severe working conditions: 

  • Quarries    
  • Glassworks    
  • Cement works    
  • Thermal power stations    
  • Foundries    
  • Sugar factories    
  • Iron and steel industry    

Features of Rip Stop Conveyor Belts 

  1. Anti-tear and rip resistant qualities without any equivalent in conventional fabric conveyor belts.         
  2. Special Steel wefts with high elongation and tensile strength properties arranged aat a nominal pitch.         
  3. To break the ripping momentum; limiting any longitudinal cutting and tearing          
  4. Superior carcass protection through greater impact energy distribution across belt width         
  5. Exceptional fastener-holding ability if required         
  6. Pulley system modifications not required; transversal steel weft has no influence.         
  7. Longer service life under heavy duty applications