New ranges have been introduced and include stocks of standard and oil resistant quality focussing on a range of specifications designed to fulfil customer demands.

Four ranges are available:

EP 250/2 2+0 x 5mm
EP 400/3 3+0 x 8mm
EP500/3 5+0 x 10mm
EP600/3 6+0 X 12mm

Ideal for recycling plants, picking belts, flat bed conveyors, scrap processing


  • Construction:  EP200/2 – EP315/3
  • Maximum Width:  2150mm
  • Thickness:  4mm – 8mm
  • Top Rubber Cover:  2mm – 4mm


Designed for transportation of lightweight materials at slight inclines or horizontally. Ideal for carrying automotive, engineering and machined components etc. 


The smooth surface has good cushioning properties, with the advantage of convenient picking and for the use of cleaning devices if required. There is a choice of friction or a rubber covered back surface.