• Suitable for large capacity loads over long distances at high speeds      
  • High tensile strengths available      
  • Low elongation with less take up required      
  • Excellent troughability and flexibility      
  • Excellent spicing efficiency      
  • Manufactured to AS1333 or DIN standards      


  • Port and Harbour Installations   
  • Overland and Steep Conveyors   
  • Surface and Underground Mining   
  • Thermal Power Stations  

Cover Grades:

General and Special Application covers:   

  • High Abrasion Resistant   
  • High Heat Resistant   
  • Oil Resistant   
  • Fire Resistant and Antistatic  

Rip Protection:

  • Fabric or Steel Cable Reinforced       
  • Minimizes lengthwise tearing by foreign or sharp objects       
  • Helps to prevent broken steel cords from protruding through the cover rubber       
  • Reduces the risk of belt breakage from impact       
  • Protects the tensile member of the conveyor belt