Air supported conveyor systems differ from traditional belt conveyors, in that instead of the conveyor belt being supported on rollers it is supported on a cushion of air supplied via a low-horsepower centrifugal fan. This air-support system reduces friction and stabilises the belt path to prevent spillage and bad segregation. The totally enclosed conveyor acts as its own ducting to prevent the escape of airborne dust.


Cuts Power Consumption
Air from low-power fan supports the belt with less friction and less power demand than idler conveyors. With less moving parts, maintenance costs are reduced.

Controls dust and spillage
Fully-enclosed Conveyor, with a stable belt path, means there is no dust to collect, or spillage to clear up.

New construction or retro-fit
Modular sections can be economically retrofitted to standard conveyors.
The rugged plenum design saves money in new construction, too.

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