Airport Baggage Handling Carousel - For Hire.

1m wide Airport baggage handling system.

Various lengths and sizes available for hire EX STOCK, comprising of:

  • Total Length of Track typically as shown in layout drawings, includes 90 degree and 45 degree bends and several straight sections.
  • Include all mechanical equipment.
  • Includes fitting noise damping material down sides of main frame to assist it being very quiet.
  • Include a 7.5kW power unit which could take up to 2000 kg average weight and maximum 2500kg load.
  • The power supply needed standard 3-phase, 380-415V, 50Hz.
  • It had a fixed belt speed of 20m/min or (0.33metres/sec) and included an inverter unit used to give a variable speed facility, from the fixed speed reducing to slower speeds as required and fitted with cables from invertor to drive motor and to power supply.
  • The Drive Section would be fully assembled and built in one section prior to delivery.
  • Includes 20mm thick black plastic slats which mesh into one another.
  • Include installation & test running.

Hire: Includes:

  1. Delivery: Loading / Packing & Transport to location
  2. Set up/Rigging
  3. Hire of Carousel /drive & controls
  4. De-rig/Load at site
  5. Collection: Transport from location

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