Canning Conveyor holds in stock an extensive range and variety of troughing idler sets & return rollers, in both steel and polymer. These include adjustments & fixed angle cast bracket impact and suspended type idlers together with flat and disc type rollers and brackets to suit. We carry standard stocks of many replacement type rollers off the shelf.

In addition we can make up any replacement rollers to suit your requirements – for your convenience we include a roller order form document so you can fill in your individual roller details, which include shaft types & full roller dimensions.
Our updated roller brochure features our range of idlers, rollers and accessories in both steel and polymer, including the Canning belt tracking discs, belt guide rollers and steering idlers and return rollers.
Our Canning polymer ground conveyor suspended idlers including the unique safety handles and polymer return idlers are also detailed in the roller brochure, giving all the standard sizes and full dimensions.
Should you have any queries or require specific details, please contact our roller sales department.

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Cast Bracket Sets

The idler sets of the in-line type the centre rollers drop in to a cast iron bracket which are bolted to a steel frame.

The side rollers are mounted in the bracket and locked in position by a grub screw. Troughing angle can be either 30° or 45° with forward tilt of the wing rollers to induce a self-training action to the conveyor belt.
Rollers all have standard triple labyrinth seals.


Return Rollers

Return rollers have triple labyrinth seals and are available in short and long spindle lengths.
We stock keyhole brackets to suit.